Who We Are

full service Warehousing and 3pl Service Provider

Midwest Global is a full service Warehousing, Distribution, Assembly, and Order Fulfillment service Provider based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Custom 3PL Solutions help our Client Partners hold a unique position in today's marketplace with an immediate and flexible regional presence, or service expansion.

Most Popular 3PL Services

Most Popular Services

  • Long and Short Term Warehousing
    • Receipt, Handling, Storage, and Shipping.  Pricing options are flexible based on your preference of rates based on blocks of square feet or pallet / bundle / piece rates.

  • Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment
    • We will store, pick, and pack, and ship your products according to your specifications.

  • Product Assembly and Packaging (Kitting)
    •  We will convert your finished goods or raw materials from a bulk packing to your specific requirements including final packaging for sales. 

  • Retail Fulfillment
    • On Time and Accurate fulfillment to your retail customers, helping reduce your costs and charge-backs.